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Hey Central Florida! Since 2008, Eco Construction Group has been hooking up Lake County with top-notch construction services. But we didn't stop there - our awesome team at Eco Roofing Division was created to cater to the wider community. We're the top-notch Central Florida Roofing Contractor you can trust, covering Mount Dora, Eustis, Orlando, Winter Park, Saint Cloud, and beyond. With a passion for sustainable and eco-friendly construction, we're all about energy efficient roofs and homes. Let's make your space stylish and environmentally friendly together!

Meet Dustin Meyers, also known as The Roof Goof! He’s not your average roofing expert; he’s a burst of fun and excitement that you’re sure to love. Dustin has dedicated years in the world of real estate in Lake County, FL, and he’s now taking his expertise to the next level by providing roofing services! So, if your roof is in dire need of some TLC, don’t hesitate to give Dustin a call. It’s time to make roofing a little more exciting, and with The Roof Goof, you’ll have a blast!

Dustin Meyers
Dustin Meyers


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